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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Seoul Day 3

Seoul Day 3 
Today was pretty quiet compared to the last few days, we got up at 8am and i made us coffee with the Cafflano coffee maker. We decided we should go to the war memorial and do some more touristy things.

 Taxi's are cheap to use so we caught a taxi to the War memorial except that the driver had not heard of it so dropped us about 10 minutes walking distance but we are adults and we walked there. We walked past the U.S.A army base and it was massive, three meter high walls with barbed wire and police standing at every corner around it.

We really love those drinks from most convenience stores, todays choice was blueberry and the food was chicken bibimbap  and i had a chicken dish. It cost $15 for both meals and we could not finish all of it. It was sweet and crisp.

The war Memorial is 3 levels and explains about the war and what went on. It is free to enter and we spent about 4 hours and did not finish. We were tired so we went home and had a nap for a couple of hours (which i never do). It got to 32 degrees during the day. We had a smoothie to cool us down,

We went back to Myeongdong again to go for a walk and Kim needed  some more things from the shop.

We went to Mos burger because we have not been in years and i had a spicy cheese burger and I enjoyed it, maybe because it is different to Mc Donalds or Hungry jacks (Burger King). We walked around the night market.

 We watched a demonstation of Dragons hair which is a local dessert made from honey and corn starch.

 You can get fresh fruit and other random street food. The funny thing is it probably cleaner than some restaurants in Melbourne.

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