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Friday, 28 August 2015

Tokyo Day 19 - Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Day 19 - Tokyo Tower
I know we have been back five days and i have managed to do one post but i am determined to finish all my blogs from the holiday.

After getting home from  fine dining we slept in and had a latish start to the day, the first thing we had to do was post more stuff home. Our limit was 54kgs between us and we already had about 65 kgs. After posting 8kg we headed to Ginza to pick up kim's glasses that she ordered on the Sunday. We passed a cute little shop that had random glutinous rice balls. We got a few different types and i really enjoyed the matcha ball.

After collecting kim's glasses and going for a walk we came across a Hawaiian pancake restaurant.

I ordered the chocolate one which was chocolate pancakes with chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream with chocolate pieces in it. It was very sweet and the cake was soft and moist. I finished all of it , Kim's had coconut sauce, peanut butter whipped cream, vanilla ice cream with roasted nuts. I loved the peanut butter whipped cream but i was so full i could not finish her meal. We went for a long walk then kim wanted to get Make Up brushes so we headed to Hakuhodo which is apparently the best brushes you can get.

 We then headed to Tokyo Tower the weather was terrible as it was raining but we needed to do some touristy things.

They have the creapiest mascots but nothing surpised us in Japan, we paid extra to go to the top of the tower and the view was beautiful.

After walking around we headed downstairs and they had a band playing.

 He was singing hawaiian songs on his ukelele so we stayed and listened to some songs then started to head home. We would need to change train lines so we decided to walk to the next stop as it would take the same time and i am glad we did.

Roppongi is a strange place not because it is full of exotic sports cars but because of the weird night clubs and every second club they try to get to go in. The guys inviting you in are massive bouncers that intimidate you into going inside. I have never seen so many police walking around one small area, we came across a Don Quijote which is like an adults version of Tokyu hands. It had about 4 levels and was entetaining to see the adult toys next to the barbies and childrens section. It was late so we decided to go get some food and the area was filled with American type restuarants but we found one ramen place that was cheap and full of japanese and no westerners so you knew it was good.

I love the ramen as it tastes different compared to Australia and i don't know why. The pork base is meaty but sweet, the noodles are soft but don't fall apart and it was spicy. It was one of my favourite noodle places we went too. After the dinner we headed back home so i could get a beer.

The beer i got was a hefeweizen and it was very fruity and tasted like bananas, they had a magical selection of beers and i wished i could have gone back for more. It was a good way to finish a relaxing day. We got to bed at about 11pm but we had to be up early to go to Fuji - Q.

Kind regards
Dale Stewart