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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Osaka Day 7 - Nara

Osaka Day 7 - Nara
Today had a fast start as we forgot to set the alarm so we woke up at 8:30am....which is the time we were going to pick up the car. Got dressed very quickly and went to see if our wifi egg had been found. It had not so we went to pick up our little Nissan Cube, You drive into the elevator and it takes you to ground level then you drive out.

We realised we needed the internet so I bought a internet sim card and after an hour on the phone and it did not work. I got a refund and went back to the hotel to save the phone numbers of where we had to go. G.P.S's use phone numbers as well as addresses, we went to see if it had arrived and the wifi had, I was so relieved. We put in the address and headed on our journey to feed deer, on our journey we passed a two story Daiso and everything was $1, we could not help ourselves and buy random things.

After a quick 30 minute stop we kept going towards Nara, the speed limits are strange if it says 40km and the sign flashes people go between 80km - 100km, if the sign says 50km they go between 80km and 120km. If the sign is not flashing they do what it says..well sort of. We arrived at Nara and went to go find deer (which is not hard) but first we looked at a shrine.

 The shrine was beautiful and so peaceful, the temperature got to 37 degrees so it was stinking hot so we had some lunch before feeding some deer.

We ordered iced matcha drinks and had random noodles with different ingredients. We have no idea what it was but one was salty, one was spicy and the other was just normal miso. The wrapped leaves had sushi in it.

It is amazing how if you bow the deer does as well.

 The deers do bite as Kim found out, they are so pushy one bit her on the stomach. It did not leave a mark or anything.

 It started bucking down with rain so we left and went to Costco. Costco was huge and had some similar Kirkland products but had a lot of local products. Like in America you can only pay with an American  express card unlike in Australia you can pay with any card.

After Costco we took a slow drive to return the car. Driving in Osaka is amazing as not much traffic and people are so polite. It  is very relaxing and having the internet made the difference. We forget how much we rely on technology. If we are lost we type our question into Google Translator and it does everything for us. We returned the car and just as we got to the Hotel we heard a large bang and a few more. We went to our level and there was fireworks happening and it went for over 30 minutes. We think it has to do with the public holiday Oban Week.

 Tomorrow we will just investigate the city and we have no idea where we will go.
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