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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Tokyo Day 16 - How to make a blog more exciting Put an accident into it.

How to make a blog more exciting Put an accident into it

Yes we had a accident last night, not our fault but we will get into that shortly, we got up early then picked up the car. It was absolutely pouring with rain but luckily the hotel lent me an umbrella so i wouldn't get that wet. We came and picked up Kim and Kathy and off we went to Gotemba premium outlets which is about 1.5hrs away, traffic was really bad so it took ages to get there.

It reminded me of the U.S.A one as it was big and had an amazing selection of shops. It had your typical brands like Nike, Adidas, Gucci,  Burberry. We bought a bunch of random stuff. Like the U.S.A outlets you can go to the information desk and get a coupon book which is a lot of fun. It was raining so hard but thank goodness with humidity its not cold you just get wet but it did not dampen our mood.


We left at 6:30pm to go return the car and on the way home we got rear ended because the traffic was crazy but thank goodness he spoke perfect English and called our rental company to tell them we would not be able to return the car until the police arrived. About 40 minutes later the Police arrived and they are so friendly and we all joked around.



The police did their report, we had to drive slowly as the boot was slightly open we got to the car rental at 11:30 then had to taxi to our hotel it was 12am. Thank goodness we had gotten the insurance with the car hire as we did not have to do anything and no cost to us  but time.We had an interesting day but we survived.
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart