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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Tokyo Day 14 - New City

Tokyo Day 14 - New City 
We got up at 8am and went across to get some breakfast, we did not want a buffet breakfast but wanted sushi, its so amazing and cheap. We got to the station at 11am for our 11:30 train and as always 11:27 the train arrives and leaves on the dot. Its amazing how well the system works and you can use your train card at 7/elevens, cafe, liquor stores and even local vending machines.

 The trip took 2.5hrs and was a sooth ride, after arriving we made our way to the hotel and unpacked.


 We needed to go for a walk so we walked to a shopping center 3kms away and it was peaceful.



Our dinner was pretty average so no pictures but we walked around until about 9:30pm and caught a train home, then did some more walking around our area. It's 11pm and we have a busy day tomorrow. Hopefully a more exciting day.
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart