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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Osaka Day 8 - Last day

 Osaka Day 8 - Last day
Today has been a relaxing day for our last day in Osaka, we got up at 8am and had cereal we bought from Costco, we went to go buy tickets for tomorrow when we go to Kyoto as it is better to buy them in advance. We caught a train to Shin Sai Bashi Suji . We did not know what we where looking for so we randomly just walked around for a while.

We heard a lot of noise at this bridge and got to the end to see a lot of people under a covered street. It is about 4 blocks long and each block has multiple levels so it took us about 2 hours to walk across as we stopped and looked in most stores.

 We had a late snack, a sandwich to keep us going until later. White bread with no crusts with cream and a strawberry, pieces of mango and pieces of kiwi fruit in the middle. Was random but refreshing.

After our lunch we got a drink, we had some mango and yogurt smoothie to cool us down.

We found a pet shop that had cats, dogs and a monkey. The monkey was in such distress and kept shrieking non stop.


After all the walking and we got hungry so we had some noodles, i had some Curry Udon with Tempura Pumpkin and Tempura chicken. The curry was a bit spicy but peppery at the same time.

We got home at about 5:30pm and Kim had a nap, we left at 7pm to go for a last walk. The subway was so quiet we could not believe it.

I wanted some beer and Kim wanted  some food so we randomly stopped at a restaurant in the subway. This one had no English at all so we just pointed to random items.

 We were given A spam meatball, jelly dish thing and seaweed as an entree.

 We ordered egg sushi with raddish, its like eating a square omelet

 We had cucumber with soy sauce and garlic, which was refreshing,

The last thing was eggplant. I had a couple of Kirin beers and it was refreshing, it went down well with the heat. I love the subway as its it own city, you can spend hours just getting lost with all the different restaurants and amusements.

On the way back we came across a cafe that had a steampunk machine and we went why not? My coffee consumption has been one a day which has been a good detox for me. The cafe is called Coutume and it has an amazing selection of coffee. This was how they made a Steampunk coffee.

First they measure out the coffee

 Then they put it in the top chamber

Then they set the temperature on the machine with the pressure.

 Tamp the coffee like an espresso

 The coffee machine squirts the coffee up into the coffee

The coffee goes into the lower chamber when done like a Syphon

Add ice and enjoy or have it hot.
I have always wanted a steampunk and was happy to have a sweet strong coffee.
Today was a great last day in Osaka but now it is time to finish packing and get ready for the next journey.
Thank you for reading.
Kind regards