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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Saving Money

Saving Money

Kim and I go shopping a bit, well you spend all day working (I sit all day) so after work we have dinner. Generally we are too lazy to cook so we get cheap dinner. If we go out i try to spend up too $20 for the two of us. Melbourne has plenty of very cheap places to eat that are filling as well. After dinner we go for a walk. A lot of the cheap places accept cash only.  Most ATM's charge +-$2 per withdrawal , the cheapest ways to not pay those fees are to go your large supermarkets and they don't charge for withdrawals. My other alternative is to go Petrol stations and find the cheapest item 20 - 50c and you can withdraw money that way. You have to buy something and their atms have higher charges than normal atms.

Price Matching

Most people are embarrassed with price matching but i believe in  why pay more?  Most stores will price match because they want your money. Stores like Dick Smith, David Jones, Myer, Target, Kmart will all do it. Dick smith, The Good Guys, Harvey Norman and JB Hifi will all give you a better price but you have to ask. If someone says they can't do a better price ask someone else because i know they can. I do it a lot because i have no shame.
Kims sister had a Myer voucher and wanted to buy a toaster, the perfect toaster was $99 but gave $15 off for every $75 spent.  So it was $84, i googled the product and found another store had it for $69. I asked the staff to price match the $69 and showed the advert and they did. Now days i google before buying items. There are plenty of websites that help with saving money like Ozbargain.

Petrol vouchers are a bit of a scam, for the last few years i have been part of the Nielson homescan thing. We scan the things we buy, so we put the quantity and price. Whenever Coles or Woolworths bring out vouchers the price of Bread, eggs milk and cheese all go up by about 3-4c each. Most people don't check what they pay for items. So the 4c you save at the station. If i don't have vouchers i normally go to 7/11 or B.P because their petrol is normally cheaper and better quality than Caltex and Shell. I get better milage on either, the reason i know is because our car tells how many kms we have done and will do. I did a test on the four places and the worst was Caltex,it did about 20kms less per tank.  

If you have any hints / tricks please let me know
Kind E-gards
Dale Sewart