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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Kyoto Day 11- Whiskey and Monkeys

Kyoto Day 11- Whiskey and Monkeys
We had a late start to today as we needed to post stuff back to Australia..i know it sounds stupid but Cathay Pacific charges so much for extra that it is cheaper to post it. It took us longer than expected so we left later to go to the Monkey park. We got there at about 10:30 am and it is about a 20 minutes up to the top.

To feed the monkeys you feed them from inside a little house so they are conditioned to leave you alone outside.

As always we wanted ice cream, Kim had a strawberry flavour and i had a mango flavour. Cheap and tasty.

It was a beautiful view of the city so we stayed for a while then headed to our next place. The next place is called Nijo Castle, Nijo castle was built in 1603 and was massive but very light and airy. You can't take photos inside but there is a link. 

We stopped of at 7/Eleven and got some random food, then headed to Yamazaki Distillery to taste some whiskeys. It was about 40 minute drive from the castle, but we arrived and i was excited.

We picked our 6 to try.

Grain - Just a very complex whiskey

 Mizunara - Sweet but not over the top, vanilla and a little bit spicy

White Ork Kakushu - was a bit dry but smoky and had hints of chocolate and coca beans

 White Orc -- sweet with a light sherry flavour.

Sherry - Sherry cask, very full bodied and you could taste sulatanas and a bit of chocolate.

Smoky - Starts of slow but the flavour builds up and becomes a smooth smokiness. It was amazing and my favourite. It was a total of $30 for all six, i could have stayed all night just trying random whiskeys but it was closing so we headed off to get a cheap dinner at Omen. Omen is vegetarian friendly and was about 40 minutes drive.

 They really know how to make amazing sashimi, we had tuna and it melted in your mouth.

The tomatoes had no skin and the just exploded with sweetness ae you ate them

The eggplant had your miso sauce but also tasted fruity like oranges. Normally you only get half but we had a full one. 

 The udon noodles came with a mixture of ingredients and you put what you wanted in your soup.

It was one of the best noodle dishes i have had in Kyoto and needs to be visited if you come here. After all this we did a bit of shopping.

Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart