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Monday, 31 August 2015


Last night Kim decided to make some sushi it is very time consuming but tasted better than the franchises.

The ingredients you need are Sushi rice and Seaweed for Sushi, the rice has a different texture and taste to normal rice and sticks together a lot better. Also buy a sushi mat which costs $2 to help shape the sushi and pickled ginger if you want. Once you cook the rice you need to let it cool down so it does not make the seaweed mushy.

  You slice up carrots and cucumber, i mixed tuna with mayonnaise. We also had packaged smoky salmon.

Put a layer of rice with the vegetables then a thin layer of tuna or salmon strips. You can put what ever you want on it. Use the mat to roll the sushi then you end up with long sushi rolls. Cut it to the size you want.

Put some soy sauce and wasabi in a small bowl and add pickled ginger on top. Next time we make it i will buy some roasted duck and pork.
Would you try to make it?

Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart