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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Seoul Day 2 - Lost but not forever.

Seoul Day 2 - Lost but not forever.

Our second day was busier than yesterday, i know you are thinking how is that possible but our day started at 7:30am with a quick visit to the local bakery to get some bread then the coffee shop for some lattes. After we got ready we went to the local shrine for some pictures. It is only about 800meters so it did not take long to get there.


They have a lot of temples from different emperors to show how they lived. We then where going to the tower and google maps is backwards..if it says go left you go right, up means down? we don't know why and it confused some taxi drivers as well. So it was not just us, a quick 1.2km walk ended up taking about an hour as we did not want to backtrack. I love Koreans because even if they did not speak english they really wanted to help. We saw some strange things on the way.

 Someones house had a naked boy statue in the front.

Your front yard doors are pretty fancy and this random car garage.

By the time we found were we where it had added another couple of kilometers and the walk was another 2 kms and i was tired already.

We finally got to the top drenched in sweat but we really needed a drink so we got a random peach tea.  You buy cups of ice and flavouring then add that to the cup of ice. It was just what we needed to cool down.

We went up the tower and had a look at Seoul and it is beautiful and lush. we could not be bothered walking back down so we caught the cable car.


There is a whole area with love locks on the stairs and railings, it is beautiful. The cable car costs $6 per person one way so it was well worth the money.

It has random statues and shrines so it is interesting as the buildings look completely different. Kim wanted new glasses so we caught a taxi to Gentle Monster. We found an amazing coffee place that would fit perfectly in Melbourne called Modern Factory, he had a good selection of pour overs and made a mean espresso. He spoke good english so we had a chat.

Gentle monster was cheap yet expensive, cheap for Melbourne but expensive for Korea and it had an awesome selection of glasses. You buy the frame and then an optometrist would put a lense in it for you. We went to the Hyundai building to get that done. Yes where all hyundais are designed and engineered. It had a dentist, florist and optometrist. Random but amusing and it took them 3 hours to make Kims lens from scratch. He looked at my lens and laughed as he had not seen such bad eyesight.

  They use an eyepad..sorry it had to be said, to measure your pupils distance for when they order in the lens.

We found a Korean beer cafe so we gave it ago and i had a superb Korean Hef and we shared some gyoza.
We walked to the market 2kms away and it was huge with multiple levels. We ended up catching a taxi at 8:30pm and getting dinner near by.

We had Kimchi and it tasted different and better, it was spicy and sweet, kim got cold soba noodles and i got a random beef noodle soup. It was the only restaurant that had english on the menu but no one spoke it so it made it an amusing night for all of us.
I know its only our second day but i really love it here and will be sad to say good bye but we still have 2 more days.
In between all that we caught up with the Cafflano sales rep to get some products so i am excited about using that. We will see how that goes tomorrow morning.

Here are random pics from last night.


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