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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Tokyo - Day 20 Fuji Q Last Day

Tokyo - Day 20 Fuji Q Last Day
Our friends hotel was next to a shrine so i got some photos then we got to their hotel at 7:30am and headed out to pick up the car.

The traffic was terrible and took ages, we finally arrive at 11am and headed straight in.

The one attraction we had to do was the Haunted Hospital which we had been excited to see

After i went on some rides we did Evangelion World.

Kim wanted to get some glasses so our friends dropped us at Higashi-kitazawa and we found a Jins right next to the station. The area had amazing local arts and crafts and small cafe's. 

We realised we had not had Takoyaki since we had been here and we saw a small place that made them. It was $5.50 for 15 so we shared some. It had bonito flakes and mayonnaise. If you have not had takoyaki is a wheat flour batter that has octopus inside it. We ate and walked to the train station.

We got to the hotel the freshened up and went for one last walk to get dessert.

After dessert Kim went home and relaxed and i caught up with a friend and went and had some beers , whiskies and cocktails . We had an amazing time at code name MIXOLOGY and i wish we found it sooner because it was the best bar we went to in Tokyo. I got to bed at 2am to get some sleep before heading off to the airport.

We had an amazing holiday that we had the chances to try different food and drinks. Every city is completely different and we loved every moment of it. We will be back soon.
Kind E-Gards
Dale Stewart

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