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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Cafflano Klassic - My New Travel Buddy

Cafflano Klassic - My New Travel Buddy

When i go on holiday i would normally take my Hario v60 or Aeropress,  my hand grinder and my scale but this time it was different as i had seen the Cafflano online and i really wanted one so i contacted them and found out i could get some in Seoul.  The company was amazing and organised some to get delivered to my accommodation as i was buying a few for friends and family The unit ways about 600 grams so it is light. The great thing is it is B.P.A free so you won't get all those nasty chemicals from plastic bottles.  I did not know what to expect from this unit as i read and watched some reviews on it. I used it everyday for 3 weeks and was happy with the results.  I will also do a video in coming weeks but i wanted to do this one now.

The thing i love about this is it is a all-in-one unit which there is no other like it.

The lid is the pourer and it has a removable lid in the top. Under the lid is the grinder which folds into itself and locks into the tumbler for easy grinding.

Under the grinder is the mesh filter.

The filter sits in the tumbler. I tried using it without filter paper but cleaning it took a while so i use a paper filter in it.  I put the filter in it then rinse it with hot water. After it is wet the paper folds down the side then the grinder twists and locks in place and holds the paper down.

I used 13 grams of coffee but there is lines on the side as measurements.

It takes a few minutes to grind but the burr grinder does a good job and i am happy with its consistency.

I am still working on the grams to seconds but it is roughly 30 grams of water to 30 seconds. If there is any water at the 2 minute mark i use the rest.  I use 250mls of water in total.

It takes about 3 minutes to do the full filter but i am extremely happy with the results.

The coffee was full bodied and had no bitterness.

It is such a great little unit and i will take it overseas from now on.
Do you have one and what do you think?
Kind regards
Dale Stewart

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