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 I used to be able to drink instant coffee, then moved up the chain to Nespresso. But now fresh beans and my espresso machine or filter. Over the next few months you will see an array of filter machines and me expressing my love to the different types of beans and coffee. I am actually excited about the new adventure of Blogging and pad punctuation lol.

In life you meet / find people in unusual environments that change who you are and who you want to be.

My Favorite web sites
Brew Methods
31 Coffees
Random Pallet art 
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Thank you to my mentors
Sara (who has been a huge Influence in my blogging adventure)
Sam (who changed my appreciation on what good coffee and Great Coffee)
Kim ( My wife who supports me on my random adventures)

I know their are a lot of you, who have supported me and I appreciate it
Thanks again
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Dale Stewart