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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Renovations / Improvements

Renovations / improvements

When buying a property you always think hopefully we won't have to do any renovations. I don't mean ripping out walls or anything extreme like that. But you always end up painting, putting in skylights, wall mounting t.vs. Its the never ending process to make a place feel like a home not a house. Sometimes all it takes is just changing a small part can make the place look that much better.

Wall mounting Tvs
It is not hard but you need the correct tools. Once it is done it can look really good if all the cables are hidden properly.

The benefits of wall mounting tv's on external walls it is easier to run speaker cables for rear speakers. Internal walls are more difficult because you have to drill holes . I use bullnose plates for cables and desk grommets for power cables.

What i did here was buy conduit and paint it the wall colour to hide the cables

 Our ensuite had one towel rail so I took one from the spare bathroom and moved it so we had two rails. Our spare bathroom had three rails so it means the door opens all the way so it was a win win situation.

 The other thing we have learn't from previous renovations that buy the best paint, if you buy a cheaper one you will have headaches and if you are going to the trouble of painting you don't want to redo it again.

I will put up some pics of the painted rooms soon.

Thanks again
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Dale STewart