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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Stinking Like Garlic

Steam Boat
I always forget when we go to Steamboat how much you stink like garlic. It was a bit cold but we don't mind all you can eat on a night like that.


We had sliced lamb, sliced beef, pork, fish balls and some greeneries. after about 2 hours of eating and 3 free ice creams( I need to start taking more pictures).  when we got home I got a Garlic headache.. or maybe it was from that glass of wine that was closer to half the bottle :P.
I am currently trying to redesign my image for my Blog. It is a lot harder than I thought. What sort of items do I want? Just coffee or with whisky. It has been a few years since I have let my creative side come out and I have really enjoyed doing this blog. I have found a new coffee maker I want, Is it my addiction or my passion. Kim doesn't see it this way, oh well. I still have a few more things I need to post like my whisky rack BUT I need to paint it first, I really have way too much time at work.
Will post soon
Kind e-gards
Dale Stewart

Monday, 28 April 2014

Clever Drip and Burgers

Clever Drip.
I Know I said I don't use the clever dripper but after going to the fine dining and they used it for a cocktail I thought I might as well try it for what it was designed...Coffee
As Always Rinse the paper filter

Add 24 Grams ground Coffee

Add 400ml of Water
After 3.30min Put Dripper on Glass

Saturday night we went to our American Burger place Fat Bobs

Zucchini Chips, Onion rings and plenty of beer and burgers.
I have a lot more things to add but will when the time has come.

Kind e-gards
Dale Stewart :)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Mr Hendricks Cafe'

Mr Hendricks Cafe'
Mr Hendricks Cafe on Urbanspoon

Being another holiday yesterday, Our friend works in a cafe and said we should go past and have lunch. The couple we went with are like us. Love great coffee and amazing food. Yesterday was another one of those lots of coffee's and food kind of day.
It was a beautiful day, started off at 11 degrees but got to about 23 degrees. We sat in the sun and just soaked up the atmosphere. We got to the cafe at 11am and by 11:30am it was packed and people had to wait. Anyway,
Three Quarter Latte'
Brioche Beef Burger

Big Breakfast

Crispy eggs with toast

After lunch, we decided more coffee was required so we went to another little cafe on the way home.
Cold Drip

Buy this stage i had three coffee's But still early. For a few weeks i promised to show them how to make filter coffee's. We went for a walk at the shops went to our place and had a pour over and then my favorite, the chemex. They are going to America at the end of the year so i am trying to convince them about buying coffee products lol.
It was a beautiful day to spend with lovely people.
Its a pity we don't have another holiday until July.

Kind e-gards
Dale Stewart

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


For the last 10 years I have wanted a tattoo, still hasn't happened. But every now and again I get inspiration for a new tattoo . Over the years I have wanted star signs, Chinese zodiacs, u.v tattoo's and even the caffeine chemical compound tattoo.
Yet again I have come across some new designs .  There is a couple of images I would be happy to mix up to create the "perfect" Tattoo. Since I have had too much time recently I have watched Ink Master S2 and S3, tattoo nightmares all seasons and it scares me that I could end up with something that I am ashamed of.  Maybe I will get it sooner or later until then..


Enjoy this cute video. ( I really have too much time on my hands )

Dale Stewart

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Vue De Monde

Vue de Monde on UrbanspoonVue De Monde

After a week with mixed emotions and a couple of disasters it was going to be a lovely night involving 10 courses of food and wine.
Before heading out to dinner we had a 2 hour session of cards against humanity. All our friends are hooked.
Anyway thank goodness it is a public holiday so parking was free and we found a spot right outside the restaurant.
It is in one of the tallest buildings in Melbourne. The Rialto tower situated on the 55th floor,
The view was amazing. It was going to be a special night. There was a group of six in total.

After we ordered our cocktails we went and sat at our table. Kim and i faced the kitchen while our friends faced the city. It was interesting watching them prepare the foods.
Salt and vinegar chips with almond dip

 Marshmallow with panko i think.

crispy  Eel
 Ox heart
 Duck tongue
 Steamed fish with  pasta and goats
Beef cooked two ways, asparagus and apple sauce disc

By this stage i had a few glasses of wine and not quite sure what these are lol.

Cucumber pallet cleanser


Because they all love cheese they decided to get a cheese platter. It had a bit of everything.


Kims Mar-tea-ni

 We had a selection of reds / whites / deserts wines. Kim had  Tea matching instead of alcohol as she doesn't drink much.
It is always interesting going to different restaurants and trying different foods with wines. After 5 hours of eating it was time to go.
As we left they gave us all bags for breakfast

Sorry about photo placements i am still trying to get the hang of it :)

Kind e-gards
Dale Stewart