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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Minh Ky

Minh Ky

Minh Ky on Urbanspoon

I was a fan of  Rock Kung in Glen Waverly until now, Minh Ky is your typical Asian type of restaurant. It has all the pics of the food printed on paper with the names written on it hanging on the walls, full of mirrors and a fish tank with your different fish, crabs. When you walk in you have the roast ducks and pork hanging in the window. You know it is good when you see a lot of people in it and it is always busy. I was told about the barbeque pork but this time i felt like eating there not just getting take away. The drinks are dirt cheap, a Heineken cost me $4.50 and that is crazy cheap for a restaurant.  Kim wanted a lot of meat so we did just that.

We ordered the Crispy pork  and BBQ Pork, the meat was tender and sweet. The crispy pork was amazing, so much crackling.

We ordered the Kang Kong (Water spinach) with garlic, It is such a massive serving and so fresh.
The  last dish we ordered was the Salt and Pepper Japanese Tofu, it was so random. Crispy on the outside and the tofu was so soft and juicy in the center. It had capsicum, chilli, onions, shallots. I have never had it before but i really loved it, It was so much food we had left overs for lunch.
I think it will be my local place especially for the quality and taste.

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