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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Tokyo Day 17 - Eating randomness

Tokyo Day 17 -  Eating randomness

I am currently about a day behind but will catch up hopefully tomorrow but
 anyway, the room we had in the hotel was a smoking room and when we got here that was all they had available. The room smelled terrible and we struggled to sleep. Yesterday morning i went an spoke to the staff and a non-smoking room was available so we happily took that room. We had 2 hours to repack everything in order to "check out" at 11am an then recheck in at 3pm. Kim had been sick from lack of sleep and smoke so i shoved everything in the bags in order to get the bags ready for the staff to move. We had to go do some laundry which is very boring i know but it has to be done so an hour later we dropped off the bags and shot off to Harajuku to have dumplings.

The dumplings cost about $3 for 6 so it was really cheap the dumplings had just pork mince but they had a really good flavour, juicy and a bit sweet. I had about 15 dumplings and two beers so i was feeling full but it was time to do touristy things.

You know you are in Tokyo when every few minutes you see exotic pimped out sports cars.

We walked around Hurujuku then walked to Shibuya to see the famous crossing and you have never seen so many people in one intersection.

We had to be at a restaurant at 8:00pm and we were running behind time, a train line had been closed so our friends arrived at 9pm so we ordered some food.

 For a snack they gave us chicken kidneys which no one ate. I tried one and did not like the taste. The restaurant was small but they fit us all in.

 I finally got to taste whale, we ordeded whale bacon which is finally sliced meat that was just seared and served raw. It was a little bit fatty but had a light fishy taste but when you mixed it with the soy sauce and wasabi it was just such a special dish and it was one of my favourites.

the next dish was deep fried garlic with a tempura batter, the garlic exploded as you ate them.

The tofu had so much ginger and benito flakes that you could not really taste the tofu.

The tomato had a sweet mayonnaise.

This was deep fried eggplant with ginger and miso sauce, it was completely different to other eggplants we have had.

We got a random mixture of sashimi.

Oden is a traditional selection of food with a broth, it had potato, egg, garlic, radish, tofu and other random food.

This is roast chicken with a soy sauce , it was crispy and salty but in a good way.

Japanese tuna salad, i did not eat it because we had more exciting food than a salad.

Deep fried cheese sticks with tomato sauce, i am not a huge cheese person so i did not try it but i was told it was very creamy.

We had egg roles with salmon roe inside and the egg was like an omelet and the roe exploded as you ate them

The last thing we ate was cold soba with seaweed. The trains finish at 12am so we caught the last train at 11:30pm but the train stopped and went the other way so we had to catch a taxi to the hotel. We go to the hotel at 1am but we still had to recheck in. By the time we showed and got to bed it was 3am. It was a long day but the room did not smell like smoke so it was much better.

Kind E-gards