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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Technology and a random tangent

Technology and a random tangent

As I was reading a blog from Ally and it made me think about the internet and how it has changed all of our lives for the better and worse at the same time. I remember when i was building computers when i was younger and 65 mb of ram would cost $150+ now i can buy a 128gig usb for $10 on ebay. It would take hours to download one song and now 3 minutes to download a short documentary. You used to use vinyls to do Dj'ing and now you use your phone with a cable. 

First personal computer on the left Xerox Alto and on the right is the Samsung Galaxy Note the Samsung has more speed and more data. The internet has helped crazy people download specs and print guns with 3d printers. People hack places like NASA and sony to get personal information. But if you have a business idea can go to kickstarter and get funded from random people and create a business, the people who started Cards Against Humanity had that simple idea that has made them millions.  You network with people all over the world with different forms of media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and even Instagram. If you use facebook it tells you who you know and it really becomes a small world. Thats what really freaks me out and thats why I left facebook and i have enjoyed it. Try it for a month and see how you feel?

Anyway thats enough for know.

Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart