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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Kyoto Day 13 - So much eating

Kyoto Day 13 - So much eating
Today was going to be a day of sightseeing and touristy things well it started that way. We got up and i made us our coffee then had our buffet breakfast. After breakfast we made our way to catch a bus to the philosophers walk which went smoothly.

We walked to the Ginkakuji precinct and had a lovely walk around.

 That art is made out of sand and was pretty darn awesome.

It had a wish pond so people threw in money and wished away their problems.

 It had a beautiful view from the top and there was one lonely mushroom in the whole place. After we walked around the precinct we decided to get some lunch. We learned from last time to stay away from the touristy places so we kept walking.

People have the most amazing doors around here.

 We walked past a cart that had 4 / 5 sleeping cats so we took some photos. We turned around and there was a small entrance across the river.

The menu looked fancy so we decided this was the winner.

 The decor was simple yet elegant, the window had paper and glass which i had never seen before.

 For starters we had a miso soup with a sausage, sliced potato, whole potato, wasabi rice cakes, it was a little bit salty but not over the top but they used a sweet miso so it had a sweet after taste. The sliced potato was a little crunchy like it had been fried first and the whole potato just fell apart as you ate it. It was a beautiful soup.

Second Course had a light crispy tempura prawn, the prawn was juicy. the eggplant was fresh and the skin was tender and the flesh was sweet from miso sauce underneath it. A whole small potato was again a bit crispy on the outside yet soft in the middle. there was a slice of beef that just tasted like wagyu or something like that. It was rare in the middle but a bit crispy on the outside.

The  Right side had a sesame rice ball that that was crispy but squishy on the inside, it had a sashimi tuna wrapped in seaweed. The octopus tasted meaty almost like fish, i did not expect that and neither did Kim, we both thought it was the best octopus we have ever had. It had cured black beans so they were sweet, it came with a duck meat slice and i love duck meat so i was extremely happy. It had cucumber wrapped in salmon sashimi, the cucumber was fresh and crunchy the salmon was slighty cured so it was a bit spicy an not fishy.

Course 3 Underneath the other set. It had a massive fish salmon or snapper steak that was juicy and sweet, two types of rice, salmon roe with small shrimps inside.

In the leaf was a motchi rice ball that exploded when you ate it. The motchi was not bitter just had the right amount of sweetness.

We had a vegetable broth which had a slice of carrot, lime and tofu and yam. The carrot was crunchy, the tofu was soft and sweet. The yam was crunchy. For desert we got a red bean.

It was an amazing meal and should be visited if in the area.
2-1 Nyakuojicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 606-8444, Japan

We then decided to go to the Daimonji yama, we caught the first bus and then had too change over to a different bus, We could not find this "magical" bus stop so after 45 minutes and missing it we gave up and went to Tokyu hands which is another large cheap store. After a couple of hours shopping we decided to try there coffee. 

 First coffee we ordered was a clever dripper, she said it is not popular in Japan,

It was good to try coffee from somewhere else and it kept me going for a while, we decided to walk to the hotel and find another place to eat at. We walked down some random streets and came across another sushi place and thought we will try this place. The english menu had one option 8 course chef menu. We had already trusted some random place so we gave this one ago.

 I am not a huge fan of fried fish face but i gave it a go and it did not change my mind

We have had some sensational meals and I don't think i could go back to eating sushi and sashimi in Australia. We got home and packed bags as we go to Tokyo on Saturday.
Kind Regards
Dale Stewart