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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Seoul Day 1

Seoul Day 1

We left Melbourne at 2pm yesterday and had a 9 hour flight to Hong Kong then a 3 hr stop over, leaving Hong Kong at 1am and arriving at Seoul at 5:30am and it has been a full on day, We could not arrive at our accommodation until 10:30am at the earliest because they wanted to clean and the bus trip was only about 1hr so we wondered around the airport. The flight was smooth so it was good and i took half a sleeping tablet so i knew i could get some rest otherwise i would be really cranky especially with no coffee.

The Seoul airport is lovely and light and i was surprised with the coffee.

 When we got to our accommodation we had been asked to come back as she was not happy with how clean it was so we went for a walk.

Kim wanted water and so did i, kim bought normal water but guess who did not?

 Only i would pick out one of the strongest sake's available from 7/11 but it cost $1 so i was not bothered lol.

We went out shopping and found some random places. Three shops all connected one block next to each other, first one 8 stories next one 14 stories and third 24 stories. We went out shopping from 11:30 am and finished at 6:30pm. they had street food so we nibbled on random things. We went to a beer place on the way home.

 We had been given popcorn as a free entree which was random.

We had beer battered chicken with chili sauce and some random msg / salt/ pepper mix which was nice.

It is now 8pm but i am feeling happy from plenty of beer so we will go for another walk. Will do my update tomorrow night
Kind regards
Dale Stewart