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Saturday, 29 November 2014

More Renovations

More Renovations

We are always doing things around this house, if its not painting it  is changing the small things to make it feel like home. A couple of months ago went to the Grand Design Show

We had not planned on buying anything at all, just thought go for a walk until we saw Big Ass Fans.
We met the nicest Joe, we spent a lot of time talking to him. After about an hour of discussing we bought two fans. Our first world problem was what colour to pick. They had a couple that would suit our kitchen. It took a week of emailing for him to help us choose. As i said the nicest guy, he went out of his way to help us.
So about 1 week later the fans arrive.

I have never been so excited...ridiculous i know. So we bought some lights and got in the electrician.
I had been talking to one of my electrician friends and he said he had installed the fans so he knew how to do it. There's a lot more to these fans than normal fans so i wanted to use someone i trust.
Ben  Is the nicest guy and honest. If you need any work in Melbourne give him a call.

The fans are amazing, the have 6 levels of speed and don't wobble at all, they also use a tiny  amount electricity unlike the old ones.


We really hate oyster lights so replaced them all.

T.v Room

Sitting room

Above the dining room table Kim wanted a light cluster, all the ones you can buy are more expensive than buying single ones and putting them together.

 It is nice not to have any oyster lights but now we need to paint the roof.
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  1. Cool! I first learned of this company when I saw their ad in The New Yorker. That name certainly catches your eye! Glad to hear their fans are good. It's fun to perk up the d├ęcor of one's home, especially with something eclectic.

    1. We only have a few more rooms topaint and we can start unpacking boxes. It never ends

  2. These are all really beautiful! I have never seen fans like that, or lights like that either! I really want to put a ceiling fan in our kitchen, and we have those stupid oyster lights too. They make our house look so damn dark, I hate them.

    Come do our house next? eh? EH?