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Monday, 17 August 2015

Tokyo Day 15 - Akihabara

Tokyo Day 15 - Akihabara
We got up at 8:30am and met our friends at 10am after a few G.P.S issues, we caught a train to Akihabara which is known for electrical goods, maid cafes, U.F.O arcade games and for its Anime stores.


There are so many different stores with anime characters / books / costumes and it was interesting to see what sort of people in them.  The arcades are huge, some are 5 / 6 stories high and full. Each level containing different characters from different anime's.  Maid cafes are  cafes that the staff are dressed as maids and call you master and will feed you if you tell them too. Japan has a bizarre culture of what they think is acceptable or even just normal but it is interesting to see the cultural difference between Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo.

They have shops that sell all the 80s' and 90's retro consoles and games, like Atari, Sega Nes systems and it reminded me of my childhood. We went to Yodobashi which is a massive store thats pretty much anything you can think of. We arrived and went and got some ramen. The ramen was so delicious, the taste and texture of the noodles is just completely different to what we get back home.

We walked around for a couple of hours and i had some photos taken with the Attack on Titans posters. Attack on Titans is a Anime which people are stuck in a town and can't get out, these creatures eat people who they catch. Its a interesting series to watch and i really enjoyed it.

We had to have more ice cream and this time it was melon flavoured...who doesn't love ice cream. After walking around Akihabara we headed to Tokyo station to have a look at Daimaru. Daimaru is another massive shopping center and usually 15 stories high which is mainly clothes but you still have your home wares and other bits and pieces.

We had to try these it is a macaroon on the outside with ice cream in the middle. Ours was boysenberry. The Macaroon was a little bit crunchy but the ice cream was smooth and creamy. We had a reservation at a bar at 7:30 that had about 20 different beers so that was our next destination. The beers are beautiful and they had pretty mcuh what ever style available to you. The pizzas are a deep crust so it is like eating a pit.

After eating and drinking plenty we headed back to the hotel, we are headed to the factory outlet today which is a 2 hour drive so time to get some coffee and get ready to go. Its now 6:30am
Thanks again.
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