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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Kyoto Day 10 - Plenty of Temples

Kyoto Day 10 - Plenty of Temples 

We got up at 7:30am and got dressed and rushed down for the breakfast, shot out the door to go meet our friends and pick up the car. We picked up the car at 9am and went to our first temple Fushini Inari Shrine which is popular for its Torii gates.


The walk took about 2 hours up a huge hill and back down again. You can see how they tried to repair some of them but if the damage was too bad they just cut them down which is really sad. So many of these gates but not many had graffiti on them. The next temple we went to was the Sanjusangendo temple or commonly know as the temple with 1001 statues, You are not allowed to take photo (here is a link ;)) at all.
 It does not take long to walk around, it took about 30 minutes and we then flew off to the next one. The next one was the temple on stilts or known as Kiyomizu-dera.


This one was packed, we did some more walking and decided to get some food so we got Tofu. You add soy sauce to your bowl then add the tofu. It was cold tofu so was something different and then i had matcha crushed ice for dessert.

They had these creepy bears all over the place.

We stopped off for some actual lunch, they gave us lotus roots as a snack but to me they had no flavour and I had eel on rice. So far all the meals had been amazing but this was not up to the standards. It was a bit dry and lacked a wow factor. I have had worse though.

When driving you go past so many random temple and you could easily spend days just looking at them.

While in the area we stopped at a tea place and had some random matcha teas.

Like with coffee it is all about the temperature of the water, the tea i had needed to be about 70 degrees so you pour boiling water in the first cup and when it gets to hot to hold you transfer that water to the next cup. You have four cups so by the time you get to the original cup it is about the fifth time and almost correct temperature you pour it in the teapot and let it steep for 1minute 20 seconds and pour it then drink it.

After spending an hour relaxing we went to the bamboo forest.

The walk took about 40 minutes and we decided to go to the famous bridge.

It was beautiful just sitting there with a cool breeze.

We had a 3 course dinner at a 1 Michelin star that cost $20. So cheap and awesome but no photos are allowed. No cameras of phones could be on the table just in case.

We wanted more dessert so we went and had matcha rice balls.

According to google We walked more than 12km, we got home at 11pm after a busy day.
More temples and monkeys to be seen, another busy day i feel.
Kind E-gards
 Dale Stewart