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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Kyoto Day 9 - Arrival

Kyoto Day 9 - Arrival
We did not sleep well last night, i woke up at 4am and that was it so maybe about 5 hours sleep and i knew we had a busy day. After checking out we were going to get some coffee from that amazing place we found yesterday but we got so lost and out of time we had to skip the coffee and go straight for the train. We arrived at the platform at 10:18am so we just missed the last one and there was one at 10:25am and 10:30am. We asked the train driver which one we should catch and he said the 10:30am because it was the direct one and would save us time. It took 33 minutes to get to Kyoto and then another 20 minutes to work out another station and find our hotel.

We had been busier than we thought in Osaka but it was to go somewhere different.

Kyoto tower

We could not check in until 2pm so had some ice tea, a parfait and went for a random walk.

We met up with friends in the afternoon and i booked us to go to the Ninjertainment which was a Ninja show, We had time to kill so we went for a walk and some photos.

The Ninja show started at 7pm so we arrived at 6:30pmm

 We had been the only 4 people watching the show so i was used as an extra and i was bad, but it was a lot of fun to do.

Yes they had light sabers.. So the show was all about acrobatics, sword swallowing and break dancing to dubstep. It went for about 45 minutes. It is good for some random entertainment. We wanted some food so we went to Chao Chao Gyoza which is a cheap eats Michelin start restuarant.

 The dumplings are really crispy underneath and soft and silky on top. They are absolutely amazing. I have never had Gyoza like this.

 We got the chocolate ones for dessert and the chocolate exploded in your mouth when you eat them.

We got home at 11pm after an exciting first day in Kyoto.
Another busy ahead as we have hired a car so we will be driving.
Kind E-gards

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