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Friday, 7 August 2015

Osaka Day 5 - Moving Cities

Osaka Day 5
Wednesday ended up being chaotic as we went to the shops for the last time, came home and got our stuff ready to fly to Osaka. We caught the bus from the hotel to the airport and had to return the wireless 4G egg. Normally i am pretty good but due to lack of sleep I was very anxious and don't know why but it caused Kim to stress. The plane was delayed bye 45 minutes so i felt better but then we arrived late in Osaka and could not hire a 4G egg. So i ordered one off the internet and they said it should arrive Friday. I hope so otherwise we may be stuck without portable internet until next week. We got in late last night after catching the last bus from the Airport so we had a late start this morning

The first thing we did was go to the Aquarium and it is massive but well organised.


After the Aquarium we went on the Giant Ferris wheel, which was a slow ride but interesting to see local places.

 That took up most most of the day so we just went walking and appreciating the city.
 In the afternoon Kim wanted to go to the Sky Garden.

View from our hotel.


 It is over 145 Meters high


After sitting around for a few hours and having a few drinks we went and walked around some more and got dinner.

Kims was a Okonomiyak which is a sweet pancake with cabbage and pork and mine on the right was a Osaka tradional meal called a Negiyaki made with green onions and i had pork as well with an egg on top. They are both crispy but the textures and flavours are completely different.
It was a busy day and today we are going to Hiroshima on the bullet train.
Gotta Go
Kind Regards

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