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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Carlos Cantina

Carlos Cantina
Carlos Cantina on Urbanspoon

I am so behind on my Blog at the moment and i have no idea why. I think just being lazy really and a lot of photos to edit. I will get it done soon. A couple of weeks ago we went to Carlos Cantina, we urban spooned local Mexican Restaurants and this one came up at 91% so why not?. It was absolutely packed when we arrived.

On arrival you also get corn chips with salsa. It had a big selection of different foods and drinks. Normally i would get beer but not on that night. I had a banana chocolate milkshake. I know its not mexican but i wanted something different. It was very sweet, but that is what happens when you get the syrups.

For mains i had the Pollo Elote. Chicken and sweetcorn sauce with coriander. 

It was tasty but very filling, I really enjoyed having chicken for a change, i normally get beef. It was cooked well.

Kim had the Colorado Supreme, Beef with onions, chili and topped with sour cream.

Another massive meal. The meat fell apart in your mouth and it was not too spicy. She enjoyed it a lot. It is nice having mexican every now and again but not all the time as it is so filling. The thing we found out was Monday to Wednesday it is half price mains, so the two meals and drinks came to under $40. The thing i liked about this place is it is not a franchise so it is unique.

We will be back.

Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart 


  1. Nobody said blogging is easy! It's actually hard work.

    I've discovered that what is called Mexican food varies tremendously by where you eat it. Near me, it's inauthentic, bland and covered with a blanket of cheese. In other places, it's real, spicy and tasty. Yours sounds good.

    1. It is the same here, it is a case of reading reviews and deciding accordingly where to go

  2. This sounds amazing! There was a really cool place that did authentic Mexican food, it was always full of flavor and great. Then they closed. I think it was because they didn't sell booze, so people didn't go there often.