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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Kyoto Day 12 - Relaxing

Kyoto Day 12 - Relaxing
We have had a few crazy days so today we spent 2 hours catching up on laundry and decided no shrines or anything like that, after laundry we decided to go for lunch and we ended up having okonomiyaki at a small restuarant near us.

The 2 dishes we shared was a Pork and Kimchi Yakisoba and a pork noodle okonomiyaki. The okonomiyaki is on the grill and it was very sweet and crispy from the sauces. The Yakisoba was creamier but still sweet, We loved both of them and they are very filling. After lunch we just went for a walk. We walked for hours and bought random stuff, we went to Muji and Australia is about 3 times more expensive and has less stuff. I needed a coffee so we stopped off at a very popular place. I got a iced coffee which tasted like instant coffee so i added sugar syrup and it fixed the taste. Kim had a royal milk tea, it looked like a latte but was tea.

We walked around for a couple more hours and realised it was 7pm so we got some food. I got pork on rice and had gyoza. Kim had pork ramen with soft noodle.


We walked around a bit more and went back home, tomorrow more shrines for the last day in Kyoto.
Kind regards
Dale Stewart