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Friday, 4 April 2014

First Blog

Today is the 04/04/2014.
Why did I decide to do a Blog today? Not yesterday or the day before? Why am I bad at punctuation?
Well today started as a semi normal day. Got up turned the coffee machine on.
I got a new phone for my birthday so I can actually take better photos now. New one to come.
Anyway so I turned my coffee machine on and went back to bed as I do. The second alarm went off so as I lay in bed I started reading our friends blog. I know me reading, it doesn't actually happen much. As I finished reading it I thought to myself "I can write a blog and it may not last long but I will do it." I will be trialling it over the next few weeks, also tomorrow I have a whisky tasting and I cant wait. Many photos to come tomorrow and many #'s to be enjoyed
 When I got to work after running late from reading blogs and terrible traffic (that's Melbourne) while having my coffee, I thought lets give a go.
P.s Thank you Sara for your inspiration