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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Always eating out

Always eating out

I have had a chest infection for the last few weeks, being a guy we wait as long as possible before going to the doctor to get antibiotics. But friday night we had a pizza dinner at kims bosses place and i had to go. Last time we did it was about 2 years ago and i did what i normally do and drink way too much then make a fool of myself, not remember getting home and waking up with a nasty hangover. This time I was on the antibiotics so no alcohol..well ok only 1.

We had a selection of fresh home made pizzas, like pepperoni, salami, chili and vegetarian. It was a warm evening. There was bread with dips, cheeses and all your other party favourites.
We ended up going home about 11pm. 

Saturday morning we got up at about 11am still not feeling too well and needing amazing coffee we went to Oak room for lunch.

I had my pour over coffee and a hamburger, it was amazing because the meat tasted like shredded beef or maybe just being tired i hallucinated it.
 We went to springvale to get a drink on the way home. I did not have this drink it looked like it would put my in a sugar coma.

Saturday night we went for a drive because it was a beautiful warm night. We ended up driving for two hours, we went to the forest and saw a wombat. It was so cute as it kept chasing the headlight on the car.
Sunday morning we went to my parents place for breakfast, after that we went to catch up with friends who we haven't seen for ages.
We went to a cafe called Code Black Coffee, It was a large cafe' and very dark.

All we ever seem to do is eat and drink coffee :), but its what i enjoy doing.

After we had lunch we went for dessert. We went to a popular gelatti place N2 Extreme

I had the centre one and that was a mango gelatti. Kim had a Matcha one, the flavours are sweet, but not over the top. I had to take a pic of the lego.

It was a relaxing weekend
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart