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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Chemex 6 cup

Being a person that averages 4hrs - 6hrs of sleep a night, trying C Pap machines of other herbal remedies to sleep and nothing ever works. I think i got 6 hours last night so I don't feel to bad. Its going to be a long day as we are doing our first Cards Against Humanity Game night. I have a short attention span but that's probably from not enough sleep and too much coffee

 Anyway. I have decided to do my blog on the 6 cup Chemex
whats the difference between my filter equipment?
Aeropress - stronger extraction because it is a shorter time and if the beans are not good you can taste more bitterness. But stronger heavier coffee

Pour-over / V60 - Slower extraction so lighter flavors and more fruitiness

Clever Drip - holds off the coffee then pours all at once. don't use it but the wife likes it.

Chemex - Slowest of all the filters but my favorite as it is an art and i enjoy doing it.
Lightest and fruitiest flavors and no bitterness

 I Use 12grams per 250 mills of water and a total time of 5 minutes.
A decent long spout kettle helps with the pouring.
You slowly add water  until you have about 500ml at the 4 minute mark.and wait
I bought the chemex from William Sinoma for $36 (cheapest i could find) The 6 cup has a wider hole so it is better compared to the 3 cup which costs the same. the filters from Trader Joes i think. I bought the Aeropress from Bed Bath and Beyond as it was $26. I love America everything is so  Cheap. Australia is double the price or even triple. Crazy huh. Because we are having C.A.H I need to mow the lawn :(

So time to cut the grass and go to Costco HUHZAH :)
Since we have a very stressful week it will be nice to see some friends and chill out.
Will Blog Soon.
Kind e-gards