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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Wood & Co Beans

Wood & Co Beans

I have never heard of Wood & Co Roasting company until recently when i went to Platform 7 and suddenly i find it in random places. I got my current batch from Cote Terra while i was trying some other unique coffees. As i sit her sipping on my cup of peaches / plum very fruity coffee and contemplate using the rest of the beans for a cold drip.  While trying to wake up from so many restless nights and a busy week of work.  But i have enjoyed this bag of coffee and will get another one.

 I always try to make the coffee multiple ways and since i pulled out the Syphon i might as well use it until i need to throw the mesh filter away. The recipe i used is here.

A Syphon makes a lighter coffee but its a lot more work especially with cleaning but its like getting your hair cut, just a relaxing process.

I made the coffee as a Pour Over and a Clever Dripper but found the best results as a Syphon.
Do you make Syphons?

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