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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Breville Bes860

Breville Bes860
I haven't done a blog on coffee or coffee equipment in ages so i thought it was time to do one. I have had a lot of coffee machines and grinders over the last five years. I started off with the nespresso, then went to a basic espresso machine. From there i went to a Breville es800 and now the bes860

 I had this machine for  about 2 years and i loved it, while on Ebay i found a bargain of a unit. The Breville bes860
It is bigger that my old one because it has the built in grinder. It is a burr grinder and works really well. 

You have two places to adjust the grind, first on the left side is for coarse or finer, then on the front is for finer adjustments.

 The hopper holds up too 600g of coffee, i weigh out what i want and grind accordingly.
It has a good consistent grind.

I like how the tamper is magnetic so i always know where it is. I don't like the weight of it but what can you do.

When making a coffee you need to use the pressurised insert otherwise it doesn't make a good coffee and i think that is a design flaw but it can make a really nice cup.

It froths up milk really well compared to the old machine. If i don't pay attention i end up with a cappuccino instead of a latte'. I still can't do latte are nor stencils sometime..i know pretty shocking but i enjoy a good coffee and having fun at the same time.

Anyway thanks for reading
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