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Friday, 2 May 2014

Coffee List

Coffee List

I think I have had about 4 hours sleep, I feel like cr@p, so recently I have been looking on different #coffees to drink and  or what to add. So being tired this morning I decided to try the Red Eye / Café Tobio Coffee around the world ( top of the list) It involves a coffee half drip and half espresso. I decided to do with the +AeroPress Coffee Maker.
First thing I needed to do was make the aeropress.
12 Grams of Coffee

Add Coffee

add 30 mils of water, then Add 180mils

After 2 minutes Put on cup
 and push down

Now for the #Espresso

I use 9 grams of coffee
Breville Smart Grinder

Mix Filter with Espresso

It was a strange mix to drink. I realised my mistake as I used beans that are for latte's and cappuccino's not Espresso and ristretto. There is a difference in beans. A espresso bean is generally a single origin where as a latte is a mixed with different types. Single origin is also used for filter just depends where the bean is from depends on the flavours. I will try again when i get espresso beans.   Do I feel like i have had 2 coffees..nope time for third.

Kind e-gards

Dale Stewart