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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Seven Seeds, St Ali, Admiral Cheng Ho

Since I got this DSLR, I am enjoying taking photo's a lot more. I am not used to having to focus on pictures or using different options and I am becoming a lot more passionate about photography. Anyway enough about me being a "photographer" ( I use the term very loosely) and onto our busy weekend. I started doing this post on Monday but it is now Thursday, pretty slack i know.  Like every weekend we go out for lunch and we have been to Seven Seeds before but everything seems more exciting with a better camera.

Kim had the Ethopian pour over, it was light and fruity so we bought a bag for home

  I had a double ristretto as we had no coffee at home. I needed plenty of coffee so it was going to be a coffee crawl.

I had the black pudding with baked eggs. It was a bit spicy but really tasty. Not what i expected.

Kim had the field mushrooms with poached eggs on bread.

St Ali on UrbanspoonSunday we went to buy a Pour over from St Ali, more Coffee as always

Admiral Cheng-Ho on UrbanspoonIt is always super busy, one day we will actually eat there. After St Ali it was time for lunch.

As always more coffee. I don't remember what i had it wasn't great. But the food was amazing

I had some African Mung Bean Combo thing, my friend had the Avo on toast,  the only other thing i remember is pumpkin soup.

It was a busy, coffee drinking weekend. I need to learn more about photoshop.
Thanks Again
Dale Stewart

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  1. These photos are very clear! You are doing a great job! Do you have photoshop? I use Pixlr, it is online and free and you don't have to download anything.