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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Life's Ups and Down

Life's  Up's and Down's
 Sometimes I feel Life is against me. Yes I am a asshole, we all are at times. Is it wrong place wrong time? Is it Karma ? I don't know really.  What I do know was the choice to hit a parked car or the car next to me and create a bigger accident meant I chose the lesser of the 2. Only 2 cars are involved not 3/4/5. Their are situations in life that you can't fix. Why did I go a different way to work? would it have made a difference or would it have happened a different way. I know I can't change the past? The other problem is the friends you choose and the people you trust. Anyway I am lucky enough that my parents had a spare car otherwise I would have no car for 3 weeks. That's how you start a Monday morning and I know it is Wednesday but I didn't know what to write. On the other hand we had our Cards Against Humanity night Saturday and it went down really well. Penis cards Usually win. My U.K version arrived yesterday so can't wait to play.
That's all I need to get off my chest at the moment, the rest has to be held close until the time is right.
Until next time