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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Wide Open Road Cafe'

Wide Open Road Cafe'
Wide Open Road on Urbanspoon

I normally don't do my posts till Monday but it is hot right now. If you have never been to Melbourne it is known as the city with 4 seasons in a day and it is true as today is 36 degree or 96.8F.  Since we are renovating and updating the lights we went to a place called Schots Home Emporium and it is amazing. It has all home renovation things that i could need, thank goodness i didn't know about this place before or i would have no money. I heard about the Cafe' a long time ago and starred it on my maps as a place to go. It is about 15 Minute drive from Schots and the sales assistant told us to go there. It is a small place with lovely decor'. It has terrariums and is nice and clean. The staff are friendly,

We had been told to have the Cold Brew with condensed milk. We only have condensed milk in tea, strange but really good.


The coffee had no bitterness and the condensed milk added a lot of sweetness, normally i don't add any sugar to my coffee but it was very cooling and lovely. It was just what we needed for a hot day.

For Lunch Kim ordered the Asparagus & Freekah, it had Crispy Salami and 2 brioche eggs.

The eggs had been cooked perfectly, as she cut them open they oozed the yolk out. She really enjoyed the meal as nothing had been over cooked (which tends to happen).

I had the Pork & Truffle Sausage Sandwich

 It was a big burger not a sandwich, but it was really tasty. The sausage was cooked really well and the bun was crispy but not burnt. It was hard to hold but i managed. The mustard was not hot but more sweet which i enjoyed. I am not a huge english mustard sort of person more chili type.  After my lunch i had a latte because I needed more beans. I like to try a coffee first to make sure the beans meet my expectations and they did. The beans are also roasted on site, the beans i got had just been roasted 2 days ago and that is perfect because you need to leave the beans for a couple of days before using them.

It was a lovely place and the food and coffee matched. We had not been disappointed so we will be back

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Thank you

Kind E-Gards
Dale Stewart


  1. Mmm... your description and pictures are so appetizing.

    1. I never thought that blogging would be hard, but it is and i admire you and Sarah for doing it so long and sticking at it. :)

  2. I want that coffee! Everything looks amazing, I love the terrariums! It is so weird to think that you guys are in summer, and it supposed to snow here on Wednesday! I will have to remember the condensed milk + tea when summer comes around again, because it looks yum.

    1. If you want a bag of coffee, whatsapp me your address and i will send you a bag :)..only because your awesome