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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Zest Geisha

Zest Geisha

I went to the Melbourne International Coffee Expo on Saturday and it was an amazing. So many roasters, some new and the usual ones as well. It was worth a visit but i will try my best to do a blog about that this weekend.

While i was at the expo i got some amazing coffee and the beans i am using for filter is the Geisha La Pradera from Zest. Geisha beans are meant to be the beast beans available.
With beans there are 3 ways of processing them.

Natural or Unwashed

Its the oldest preparation method where , first the coffee cherries are washed and then they are dried in the sun. Once the drying process is complete, they remove the green seed from the fermented, dried cherry.

Semi - Washed
The semi-washed method, both the washed and unwashed methods are combined. In this process, the out skins are removed, but they leave the pulp and let it dry in the sun. Once the outside is dried the pulp is sometimes wet and they then the beans are removed just like they do with the natural process.

Washed coffee is  referred to as the wet process, the coffee cherry is pulped by a machine referred to as a pulper. They remove the outer layer of the beans, then the bean is fermented in water for at least one to two days and sometimes longer. After the fermentation process, the bean is then washed to release its aroma.

Here is a link about coffee bean and the flavours you get from different elevations.

I have had a fun week trying different grinds with different methods to see what flavours i can get.

Monday Morning i did it in the Clever Dripper.

I haven't done a clever dripper in a while and the recipe i used 22grams to 400mls with 5 minute brewing created a strong coffee with a lemon sort of taste. It was good but not what i tasted at the Show.

Tuesday Morning i did a Pour over with a coarser grind.

The brew i got was much better 13grams 200mls at 3min, it was a lot lighter and fruitier.

Today i did the Aeropress. I changed the grind again so it was even more coarse.

The 13gram brew with a filter time of 60secs with 180ml water. The coffee it made was perfect and i could taste peach, apricot and other fruits. It was light and had a beautiful body to it.
Have you been to Zest lately?
How do you have your filter coffee?
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart

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