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Friday, 15 April 2016

There is a first for everything!

There is a first for everything!
In September our company was sold and the new owners took over in December. Over the last few months they have given  me more work which is fine but it was starting to get unachievable in the timeframe that they wanted. I was doing the job for 2 / 3 people at a time sometimes. last year a different company offered me a job and I turned it down. Last Thursday we had a meeting in my current job and things had been said and I felt insulted. I called up that company and asked if they still wanted me. To my delight they said yes so Monday I went in and had a meeting.  Tuesday morning came and was the first time in my life I got to resign. Its the weirdest and scariest experience I have had to do. Wednesday I got my contract and I now move to my new job in four weeks. Wednesday night I had a sleep study and I have done one before but that was at home where this one was at the hospital. I arrived at 7pm and by the time they had hooked me up it was 9pm. Then they said time to sleep but I go to sleep about 10:30pm, I managed to fall asleep fairly quickly but then I woke up at 1am then 3am and finally 5am.

Last night being Thursday I played Dodgeball for the first time, the game goes for 40 minutes and after 20 minute you swap sides. I was absolutely useless but really enjoyed the game and will probably play again next week.

Now that I am feeling less stressed hopefully I will be in a better frame of mind to get back into more blogs.
Kind E-gards