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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Do you want to build a playground?

Do you want to build a playground?

I have been in Australia for 15 years and have met many wonderful people. My closest friend and his Fiance' asked if we would help him build play equipment, Now when he said play equipment i did not think it would be a 4m x 4m playground. If you have ever built one you would understand that is not easy and the instructions don't always make sense. In total it took about 10 hours over 3 days but was a lot of fun actually doing it. 


We don't have children but her expression and pure happiness makes all those hours seem worth it. If we never have children at least we will always have friends with beautiful cheeky children that we can spoil. 

Have you ever had to build something like this? 
Are you the handy type person ?
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Dale Stewart