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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A lovely Day out

A lovely Day out

If you have a free afternoon or day and its one of those days that you want to go for a drive I suggest going down to Tyabb. Tyabb is about an hour South East from the city and has a few antique places to go to and Dinosaur World ( I never knew about it till the other day). We go to the Tyabb Packing House and it is massive with lots of things to look at.

The shed is about an acre in size has has a bit of everything from furniture to dolls, taxidermy to old cameras. If you like anything from the 18th century onwards you will find something here. When you finish in the shed they have small sheds outside with more random stuff.

Well they actually call it a craft market.

 After you walk around they have tram carts converted into a little Cafe' or there is a Cafe' in the shed called The hart of Tyabb

It has a nice selection of food and they also caters to Gluten free and dairy free people. They use Vittoria coffee so i had a fake strawberry milkshake. We had Sausage rolls with salad, the sausage roll was more like a meatloaf but still very good.  However the salad was very disappointing as it was lettuce leaves and thats it. Other than that it was quite nice.
Do you go antiquing?
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