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Friday, 3 October 2014

Bodum Pour Over

Bodum Pour Over

Last month kim went to Denmark and bought me the Bodum Pour Over, 

On the left we have the Bodum Pour Over and the right side is the Chemex, they are very similar in height and width. The difference between the two pieces of equipment is the holes in the middle.

The bodum hole is bigger than the chemex, also the bodum comes with the metal filter but the chemex doesn't. Because you don't use a paper filter on the bodum it filters a lot quicker giving you a lighter filter coffee but sweeter and fruitier. I have never tried the metal filter in the chemex so i am not sure what it would be like? Possibly the same but i am not going to spend the money to find out.

I used 23 grams of coffee for 400 grams of water at about 92 degrees. 

I pour 40 grams of water for 30 seconds, then keep slowly pouring until it gets to the 400 grams. it takes about 4 mins to finish pouring, a chemix takes 5 minutes. I know it is only a minute but it can be a huge difference in taste.

 It is a lovely cup to make, one day we might get them in Australia, until then you will have to buy it online from Europe.
Now all i need to got a Bodum Pebo maker (syphon)

Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart