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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

New Work Setup + reformatory Caffeine

New Work Setup

The Breville Bes860  has an inbuilt grinder which is good for convenience but just does not grind fine enough. We finally got the Smart Grinder back and its grinds beautifully. 

Last weekend we went to Focus Melbourne to get a coffee. Ken is a fantastic Barista and knows how to make a awesome cup of coffee. He used to use Monk coffee but now uses Reformatory Caffeine Lab. The Reformatory Caffeine lab is in my top 10 Cafe's for its spectacular filter coffee's,  Ken made us some coffee's and i bought a 250gram bag. 


My Latte art skills have really gown down but this bag of beans have really lifted my spirit. The coffee is so sweet and fruity, it tastes like apricots and oranges. Its not cheap beans but worth the price. I know Cote Terra in Oakleigh has it or make your way to to Balwyn.

If you find it give it a try.

Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart