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Thursday, 8 October 2015

No Freedom?

No Freedom? 

 I am sick and tired hearing Australia needs guns... SERIOUSLY what is wrong with society that you need guns.

This is only the last few days

Gun Violence and terrorist shooting chart  Over 9000 shootings this year already in U.S.A.

We are not perfect though we have shootings and mugging. Strange thing i cannot find any information so i emailed the Australian Institute of Criminology and they have no publications after 2012? The only information they gave me was this website Firearms Australia which is from 2007? Conspiracy of some sort i think. Hopefully i can find some more information. Today the Police Annual report  came out today and that suggested that they had 167 Homicides between 2013 and 2014 ( Page 36), But does not specify how the had been killed.

What do you think of the gun situation about U.S.A or Australia?
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart 

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