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Monday, 2 November 2015

You Am I

You Am I
The other night we got the opportunity to see a band that I have loved since early 2000' and Kim loved since early 90's . They had booked a venue about 5 minutes from our house so we did not have to go to the city which is always great. About 100 people turned up so it was  an intimate show. It was good to see a band as we have not done it in ages. I knew my camera was not good in the dark and this made it really challenging to take good pics. I took over 400 and only a handful turned out great.  We got to be right in front of the stage which is good.


You know when you see someone sing but you can see a sadness in their face.  But that sadness is what has helped create that music that you love. He is an amazing artist and a great band. 

Its a great Australian band so check them out. The are launching another Album next week so here are the rest of the tour dates
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart

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