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Monday, 7 July 2014

Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird

I know we go here often and thats why I wanted to do my first Vlog on a Cafe' that i love. Over the next few months I will be doing Vlogs on all the Cafe's i go too.
Please join us for our new adventure.

I know we go to a few Cafe's, most of them are above 80% on Urbanspoon. Yes that is the ultimate factor on which we go or don't go to a Cafe'. We have been going to this cafe for over a year now. The difference between this cafe and Seven Seeds or Proud Mary, The coffee is great like the others but they are friendliest bunch of people. They will always have time to have a laugh and they  always smile. to me that's the most important thing about a Cafe'.

Its a rather small Cafe' but they do all roasting on site.

It really has an industrial feel.
I love my Double Ristretto's but only a couple of Cafe's really make them well. Sweet, fruity and no bitterness just well rounded.
I had a Pork Belly sandwich with coleslaw and apple sauce. I love it when it falls apart when you eat it and the crackling was just perfect.
  I always feel the need to Overdose on caffeine so i had a  Guatamal clever dripper. They really make coffee well here, very fruity like apricots.
They really deserve more than 85%.
Love it
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