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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Common Ground

Common Ground
I know this makes no difference to my wonderful readers but my little Acer laptop that has traveled overseas had a malfunction so i had to format and reinstall everything and i installed Ubuntu. It has been one of those weeks as i needed to reinstall the operating system for my phone as well. The reason why i mention about my laptop as this is the first Blog it will do. I will try to do a blog daily when we are on holiday.

I love trying different Cafe's as it is always good to support other places not just your usuals. It was a cold and rainy day so we did not even leave the house until 2:30pm. It is a cute little cafe that serves a lot of gluten free food.

They do all the roasting on site so at least you know the beans are fresh.  They have a good selection of beans. Single Origin as well as your normal blends. I needed more beans so that was the reason we came.

We had some coffee that was smooth and a little bit fruity. Not as sweet as some other beans but not bad.

Some people hate latte art but i love how fun it is and not easy to do. If you follow me on Instagram you know how much i try and still don't get it right.

Kim had a chocolate walnut slice (it was gluten free). It was chocolaty and crunchy and was tasty. Sometimes gluten free products have a strange taste but it was perfect.

I had a yogurt muffin and it was light and fluffy for a gluten free desert. I know you might think why do i go on about gluten free. I know what it tasted like as i worked at a gluten free bakery for a few years as a baker.

In the last 5 years gluten free has changed so much in price and taste.
It is a good little Cafe and we we will be back  soon.
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Thank you for reading
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart
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