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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Shooting Range

Shooting Range 

We bought a friend a voucher for a shooting range near us for Christmas last year and because she is only free on Sundays it has taken us this long to organise a get together. The shooting range is about 10 minutes from us and has been around for 50 years. Raymond was our trainer / make sure we don't do anything stupid supervisor to which we all survived so he did a good job. He is a funny guy and made sure we enjoyed ourselves. 

When you walk in they have rifles and then they have a separate room for hand guns so that was where we headed.  The distance for the targets was set to 25 meters. normally they start off at 10 meters and then go 25 meters. 

Raymond instructing what do and what not to do, I had to ask him about shooting the gun sidewards and said it was called "Gangsta style" and he mentioned "modified gangsta style" 

When the red light was on it meant you could shoot and they had another on the outside to warn people to be careful.

The first gun we got to shoot was a 9mm Luger  which was a smaller gun and was good to get a bit of a feel with it. We had 25 shots with each gun.

The second gun was the 38 Special - S&W 686 Revolver which had a bigger kick to it but was a lot heavier so after a while your hands get tired.

I could not see the target very well so they had a telescope to see how you shot.

The third gun was the .22lr - Beretta 87 Target Semiauto Pistol  ( the one on the right ),

After we collected our targets he said we could each have a shot with the big gun so we all got super excited.

I think the gun was a .357 Magnum and it packed a punch, that adrenaline rush you get for a split second that makes you feel alive and excited. 

It was fun to do something different and i will do it again in the future.
have you ever been shooting?
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart