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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Deja Vue Bistro

Deja Vue Biststro
I haven't done a food blog in a while and i have a few to do. So i will start with this one.

Philippe Mouchel had a restaurant called PM24 and it was a fancy french fine dining . The food was fantastic and the place just suited the restaurant. He took off a year to go travelling and has come back and opened up a pop-up restaurant.

For starters i ordered the Escargot with Parisienne Gnocchi and like all fancy places you get fresh baked bread with butter salt and pepper.

I love snails and have since i was young. Our parents made us try a variety of food growing up so i am not afraid to try anything. This dish was amazing as the snails had not been overcooked like places do and the gnocchi exploded in your mouth

 I ordered the beef cheek, there was no fat or anything like that. It was very sweet and juicy, it fell apart as yo ate it. A very nice meal

For Desert they had a great selection,

Once they had been plated they looked even better, i did not order a desert because i had eaten a lot of food.  

After all that they gave us small fruit and nuts covered with chocolate.

The food was beautiful and we will go back again.
Thank you for reading,
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart
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