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Wednesday, 29 July 2015



You know it is a strange location when it takes longer to find the restaurant than it does to find the parking. I walked down Little Bourke and could not find the entrance so then walked up Bourke St,it took me about 30 minutes from when i left the car to find the building and it is on level 3. You take the escalator to Level 2 and then the lift to Level 3

Once you leave the lift you see the name behind the cherry blossoms and the place looks very fancy.

At the end of the table they have a touch screen and that is how you order your meals. They have a big selection of food and it is a mixture of Japanese and Korean. It is pretty cheap to eat at.

The alcohol is cheap beers range from $6 to $10 so i was pretty happy with that. I had read about Kimchi pizza but never seen it anywhere is Melbourne so i thought i would give it a go.

The pizza base was crispy and the kimchi was a little bit spicy but juicy as well. The cabbage is soft and had a lot of garlic so i was happy. The pizza was a bit cold when i received it but i think because of the way you order, the food gets made in that order so i think it was probably sitting there while the other items got cooked. I was still happy with my pizza.

I really wanted some eel so i got the Eel Skewers and i ordered them last so i was just about done when they arrived so it was perfect timing.

The outside was crispy and the inside was soft and tasted like the teriyaki sauce. It was amazing and probably the best eel i have had in Melbourne.

The others ordered a selection of sushi and some pasta. It looked good but i was saving space for dessert.

Here are some more Instagram pics
I enjoyed it and may be back another time to try some more random meals.
Have you been here?

kind E-gards
Dale Stewart

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