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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Guang Dong Chef

Guang Dong Chef

Authentic Chinese food can vary so much like a terrible experience we had the other day that makes me cringe thinking about it. The reason we came here is it was suggested by some friends and we had a group of 5 for a birthday.  The staff are very friendly and the place is clean.

It is not a big restaurant and was very quiet but that did not stop us from trying this place.  We had some beautiful fresh tea, it was not your every day chinese teas as it tasted a bit smoky to me but was sweet as well so i had a few cups over the night.

For Starters we had some deep dried chicken and the chicken batter was light and crispy, the chicken was tender and fell apart as you ate it. I really wanted more of it but we had ordered about 6 different meals so i did not want to over do it.

We had curry beef and tofu claypot and it was a beautiful curry, not too thick but not watery either. The vegetables were soft and meat was cooked so well. It was not a very spicy curry but had a bit of bite to it and it was a large serving.

The next dish was stir fried beef with carrots onion and potato.This dish stayed hot for ages and the beef had no fat or anything like that, just beautiful pieces of meat. The potato fell apart as you ate it and it was another dish that i would go back for.

We decided to get the seafood with pineapple and it is half a pineapple. It looked so fantastic and had so much  fresh prawns, pineapple, potato and other goodies. The pineapple pieces inside was sweet and juicy. The shrimps and prawns had a lovely pineapple  flavor. You need to try it if you come here.

We had some more seafood and it came with tofu. The tofu was silky and smooth and tasted like the prawns. The prawns were not chewy or over cooked like other places.

The next dish we had was stir fried noodles with mushrooms and mixed vegetables and i love these noodles. Soft and juicy and the carrots had a little bit of crunch to give it texture.

The staff are so lovely and because it was a big group they gave us some fresh melon and oranges for dessert.

It was an amazing experience and we will hopefully be back soon. I would highly recommend the seafood pineapple as it is unique and so exciting.

Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart
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